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Christmas Party Planning - Traditions With a Twist

For kids, Christmas either means lots of food or lots of gifts. But for grown-ups, it means throwing a party. And if you're the lucky chose one, you get to throw the party.

Planning a party for Christmas is both easy and hard. It is easy because there's an already existing tradition and more often than not, you just follow it. And it's hard in a sense that, well, there's an already existing tradition! And sometimes the slightest deviations or alterations may ruin its 'spirit."

So how do you plan this once-a-year celebration? With adding a bit of you in it-- but still preserving its time-old practice.

Normally, what a party planner must know first is the theme of the party. But since you already know what it is, what you should focus on is your audience-- the age group, how many are invited and the expected number of attendants (yes, not everyone you invite will actually be there at your party).

Now if you know these numbers, it'll be easier for you to decide what to add to your party or what to leave out. Your kid's friends and parents coming to your Christmas party? Better keep the wine or champagne down to a bottle or two. But if it's a strictly all grown-up Christmas party, well, let the liquor flow!

During Christmas, a tree definitely adds a more...holiday feel to a house, especially when it's adorned with colorful ornament. Besides, where would you place all the gifts? In choosing and picking a tree, you have to decide what color the ornaments would be. The color scheme you choose for your tree will, most likely be the theme of your whole Christmas. Going for the traditional Red-Green Combo? Or are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Either way, just be consistent.

Christmas wont be Christmas without the food. And deciding what to serve on your menu would rely on the number of guests that you have. If it's a small Christmas dinner party, it would be nice to serve something fancy like a roast duck, or chicken. Prepare something that would let your family know that you spent a lot of time on it, this will let them know how special they are for you. And to kick the spirit of Christmas up a notch, you should also bake a cake or some cookies.

Now if you are having a big party of mostly friends as your guests, you may keep it light and simple. You can actually serve the all-time favorite shrimp cocktail. Other food ideas that won't require dinnerware are chicken lollipops, crackers stuffed with cheese and salmon and many others.

Sure Christmas won't be complete with some alcohol. But before you do decide to have them, make sure that it is okay (if you're throwing a company party or something). Aside from eggnogs, cocktails are always good for parties and you can serve daiquiris, margaritas or cosmos. But always have a big bowl of punch ready for your guests who choose to go alcohol-free for the night.