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Do Your Trading Goals Pass The Test?

Getting more clarity on your trading goals is of great importance to your trading success. Now to make them a little more concrete we shall perform a bit of a litmus test on them through doing an ecology check. What I mean by that is to ask yourself whether you are willing to accept all the consequences of having what you want. For example if you want to be a fund manager as a successful trader, are you willing to go through the red tape to set it up and deal with client complaints when panic sweeps the markets. If your goal is to be a fulltime trader how are you going to deal with having extra time on your hands and not end up taking unnecessary trades just to "fill in time".

Everything has its upside and downside. To eliminate the negative things in your life you have to give up the hidden benefits. This could come in various different guises but could be nothing more than having the right to feel sorry for yourself. To bring the positive things you want into your life you have to weigh the possible negative aspects and say "I still want it"?

Sometimes our unconscious desires do not match our conscious ones. This is more difficult to discern, but if you consistently experience failure or feel blocked in areas where you feel that your desire to succeed is strong, there is a great chance that your subconscious mind has a different view on the matter.

It may adhere to certain beliefs, that perhaps served you in childhood, that you have consciously rejected, but are still there under the surface. In that case it may be necessary to get professional help or try a belief changing method such as NLP before proceeding with your visualisations. A good trading coach can also help in this area. For the not so stubborn conflicts if you manage to persist with the visualisation process this may help you to change those underlying beliefs and align them with your conscious desires just through the process of repetition.