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Givenchy Cologne - 5 Things You Must Know Before Buying

1. Luxurious Fragrance

Givenchy cologne is known for its luxurious aromatic woodsy scent combined with hints of spice and floral. It is different from other men's cologne as it possesses an intense fragrance that will certainly turn heads but it is not vulgar in any way. This cologne is very pleasant to the senses but definitely not overwhelming.

Many women find Givenchy cologne very sexy. Avid fans of this collection have remained loyal despite the fact that many other designer brands are now available in the market. Givenchy cologne evidently combines sophistication and modernity.

2. Unique Vision

Hubert De Givenchy, a famous fashion designer, founded Les Parfums Givenchy in 1957. The first Givenchy cologne was launched in 1959 and it was called Monsieur de Givenchy. Givenchy had a vision of creating a distinct image for its men's cologne collection. It wanted to promote the gentleman's image that is both sophisticated and elegant.

In 1975, the Givenchy Gentleman was added in the collection. This item has proven to be very intoxicating for women as it has a very romantic aromatic fragrance. Sometime in the 80's, the Xeryus was launched. The Givenchy Xeryus is ideal for daily use because of its distinctive clean and fresh fragrance. Then in the 1990's the Pi collection was launched. The Givenchy Pi is noted for its great smell that is very refined and oriental. This is often used for very special occasions.

Just recently, the Play collection was released. It is endorsed by famous pop icon Justin Timberlake. Other items in the Givenchy cologne collection are the Givenchy Pour Homme, Givenchy Blue Label, Givenchy Insense and Givenchy Very Irresistible. They have all gained excellent responses from the consumers.

3. Perfect for Any Occasion

The Givenchy cologne collection has a wide array of items that are sure to satisfy your needs. Both the Insense Cologne and Xeryus Cologne are ideal for daily use. The Insense Cologne has a blend of floral and citrus fragrance. The Xeryus cologne has a blend of fruits, woods, greens and spice.

The Monsieur Givenchy, Pi and Gentleman colognes are all ideal for evening use or during special occasions. The Monsieur Givenchy is a classic blend of citrus fruits and sharp spices. The Pi is a combination of a citrus and woodsy aroma, giving it a refined and oriental appeal. The Gentleman is woodsy and spicy with a hint of a floral scent.

4. Givenchy Men Are Sophisticated and Elegant

When the Les Parfums Givenchy was founded, Hubert de Givenchy had a vision of combining French elegance with American modernity. Givenchy wanted to represent a style that would make Givenchy men distinct from all other men.

The Givenchy men are sophisticated but also classy, exuding a fresh confidence and elegance that makes them the envy of many.

5. Women Find Givenchy Men Sexy

Women find men who wear Givenchy cologne very attractive and sexy. Givenchy definitely creates very seductive fragrances that are sure to make men a magnet for women.

Any Givenchy cologne always represents masculinity combined with elegance and timelessness. Whether it's the classic appeal of Monsieur de Givenchy, the vivacious strength of Xeryus, or the daredevil charm of Insense, Givenchy cologne is definitely a classic piece of excellence.