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How to Spruce Up Any Look With Silver Jewelry

Are you sick and tired of your old boring outfits? When you go out shopping for new clothes, do you still coming home feeling like you have just purchased more of the same? Even with a wardrobe bursting at the seams, it could be time for you to spruce things up a bit.

Sometimes a woman may have a stunning array of outfits, and yet she still feels like things have gotten stagnant. This is the perfect time for a wardrobe makeover.

Of course, this doesn't mean you have to completely change the way you dress. You don't necessarily want to run out the door, dye your hair pink, get a spider tattoo and pick up a brand new leather jacket. Just the same, you don't need to all of a sudden start wearing pants suits to change your look. The secret to sprucing up an old style is to do it subtly.

A History of Glamour

The most classic and timeless way for a woman to make an old outfit look new is to add a little dash of ornate jewelry. Human beings have been using this time-honored technique for literally thousands of years.

The oldest record of jewelry comes from the ancient Africans. Archaeologists have found beads made from snail shells in South Africa that date to 75,000 years ago! Even the Cro-Magnons got in on the action, with the classiest Cro-Magnon women wearing necklaces and bracelets made from teeth, bones, berries and stones.

It wasn't, however, until approximately 3,000 to 5,000 years ago that jewelry really started to become closer to what we know today. The Ancient Egyptians were the first to use rare, beautiful metals and stones to construct their jewelry.

Silver has long been used to make gorgeous pieces of jewelry. The Ancient Egyptians had to import the metal from beyond their borders, and yet archaeologists have still found Egyptian jewelry made from it. The Ancient Greeks and Indians also used silver to add that distinctive shimmer and shine to their pieces of jewelry.

A Continuing Tradition

Today, women from around the world still take to silver jewelry for its versatility. A simple silver chain can look wonderful whether you are out at a fancy restaurant or simply heading into another day at the office.

The beauty of silver is that it can elevate the look of an outfit without overwhelming it. Silver can be worn with any color and works wonders when it comes to making your clothes look even more glamorous. These items of silver jewelry are perfect for sprucing up just about any look.

Sterling Silver / 18K 6.5 Inch Amethyst & Garnet Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelets are fantastic items that are among the most versatile pieces of jewelry. This particular selection looks great whether you are going for a slacker bohemian vibe or even the classiest regal look.

The oxidized sterling silver itself has a striking geometric design that has free-flowing swirls rolling throughout. It even has accents of 18 karat yellow gold that wrap around the gemstones in the center.

While the antiqued silver makes this cuff bracelet look like it was passed down throughout the generations, the shimmering gemstones allow it to shine like new. The middle features a round 10mm amethyst that has four 6mm x 4mm garnets cut into pear shapes around it. This dazzling bracelet will surely be the highlight of any outfit.

Sterling Silver Larimar, Multi-Color Sapphire & Diamond East West Ring

The dazzling centerpiece of this gorgeous ring is the large, oval-cut 15mm x 20mm chunk of larimar. Larimar is an incredibly rare, blue variety of pectolite that can only be found in the Dominican Republic.

Surrounding the Larimar, you can find 32 round diamonds that are secured in pave settings. The total weight of these diamonds is 0.10ct. Below the diamonds you can find semi-circular bands of multi-colored sapphires. 18 green sapphires, 28 pink sapphires, and 20 round sapphires add even more shimmer and shine to this incredible piece.

Sterling Silver Diamond Wine Bottle Pendant with Chain

Wine aficionados from across the globe can all agree on one thing: this gorgeous diamond wine bottle pendant is the perfect way to show the world your love of fine wines.

The pendant itself is made from rhodium-plated silver and has 101 individual round diamonds encrusted about the bottle in pave settings. The pendant measures 3/8 of an inch long by 1 and a half inches wide. It also includes an 18 inch long rope chain that utilizes a spring ring clasp.

The diamonds in this pendant weight in at about 1.00ct, having an H-l color and a clarity of l2-l3. This incredible piece is perfect to be worn to your next wine and cheese party.

Take a note from the ancients and spruce up all of your outfits in style. Silver jewelry is a classic way to make every woman look her best.