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Treat Yourself to the Designer Handbag You Deserve

No outfit is complete without an eye-catching purse to hold your mascara while bringing riveting style and grace to your wardrobe. Exquisitely crafted with an incredible attention to detail, each clutch in this collection will kick your personal style into gear and up to date with today's hottest trends.

The Lisa Bag

Spice up your next special occasion with the sleek, mesmerizing style of The Lisa Bag. Stark black and silver Swarovski crystals jet across this clutch in diagonal stripes to create a look that will grab anyone's attention. You'll appreciate all the small details that add up in a big way, from the metallic leather lining that adds a luxurious feel to the detachable shoulder chain strap and the push-lock clasp, topped with a single large crystal.Never resort to using ordinary purses again when you can have the show-stopping style and fresh design of this cheeky little bag. Put on your little black dress and head out for a night on the town with an amazing accent on your arm.

The Serina Bag

Take your evening look from elegant to trendy-chic with the glitz and glamour offered by The Serina Bag. Simply undo the stunning fleur-de-lis clasp covered in Austrian crystals to reveal an interior pouch that's perfect for holding makeup, money and more.

Contrast stitching adds a nice finishing touch while the shiny gunmetal color will not only blend in with a variety of outfits, but also add a new dimension of style to your dress. Whether you purchase this clutch for a friend or decide to keep it for yourself, you'll be excited to see the posh look and fine craftsmanship it displays.

The Julia Bag

Timeless in its elegance and versatility, The Julia Bag flaunts a dazzling design that you won't want to be without. The wider size of this clutch provides more space for those all-important accessories you can't leave behind, while the removable shoulder chain-strap lets you convert it into a purse at a moment's notice.Shimmery Swarovski crystals, chic silver tones, and a push-lock clasp combine to create a striking design that packs a punch. You'll be impressed by the impeccable craftsmanship while marveling at the class and wear-again potential presented by this crystal-coated masterpiece.

The Dottie Bag

Here's a designer handbag that will pull at your heartstrings. With its refined poise and beautiful color palette, The Dottie Bag makes quite an impression. The layers of silver, pink and orange Swarovski crystals trickle down the heart-shaped sides of this purse that's like a work of art.Playful and creative with an elegance that never goes out of style, this bag will bring a whimsical touch to your nighttime look. Metallic-colored leather lining covers the interior while a detachable chain and push-lock crystal clasp bring this design to a whole new level of excellence.

The Sabrina Bag

Unleash the wild animal within you by purchasing The Sabrina Bag. Fierce tiger stripes are brought to life by gold and topaz Swarovski crystals that bring a sense of movement and drama to this piece. With a wide size, you'll have more room than you'd expect to keep your lipstick and cash on hand inside the golden leather interior. A hide-away removable chain strap lets you transform this clutch into a purse anytime and anywhere. The push-lock clasp keeps the interior contents secure and features a large crystal that provides a finishing touch. Channel your inner fashionista by sporting this bag that delivers on looks as well as quality.

The Shido Bag

For style that just won't quit, The Shido Bag is ready for any occasion. This organizer is lined inside with elastic pockets for your important items and is cleverly disguised as a high-fashion clutch. Nothing says classic style like black satin, while the fold-over top and magnetic snap make it all the more irresistible. On top of that is a white and olive Austrian crystal pendant that shows off unbelievable detailing and exceptional quality. Whether you're sipping on cocktails or trying out new cuisine, this sleek little purse will be the perfect companion piece.

The Kylie Bag

Are you shipwrecked and left stranded in a fashion crisis without a single accessory that will make your night? Not if The Kylie Bag can help it! Fun and flirty with a nautical theme, this bag has a dazzling light blue background with a silver anchor-shaped forefront-and it's all made out of brilliant Swarovski crisp, clean design will leave you wanting more, addicted to the striking style of this crystal-coated purse with silver-toned leather lining. Turn your new clutch into a shoulder bag with the removable chain strap, or keep it as is and hang onto a design dripping with style that just won't quit.

Find that bag that suits your personal style and wardrobe now!